We are always striving to give the best range of advice and products to support our customers.

It is our aim to do all we can to support you in giving you and your patients the best possible options and choices available and enable you to have all the tools necessary to help grow your business.

As an independent laboratory we are able to supply almost any manufacturers lenses such as:


At DSW we understand the benefits of embracing new technologies to enhance the patients experience and ensure quality is maintained. Point by point twinning and research into coating technologies have enhanced the visual benefits of lenses, while multi point tracing and shape design are offering increased flexibility and the very best glazing finish.


Personalised lenses have been around for quite some time, but with introduction of smart phones and tablets taking over from larger screens the lens designs have had to change to match the customers needs. Along side this the difficulties caused to some people by the increased use of LED lights have combined to offer the dispenser many more opportunities. It’s now time to consider the benefits of lenses such as specialised driving lenses or low add boosted lens for tablet users.

Our Packages

Frame and lens package combinations can be used to improve service by cutting down delivery times and they can save you money by reducing the amount you end up spending on post, paying for the supplier posting to you and then you onto your lab. By offering a large variety of frames from multiple suppliers, updating them on a regular basis, we can also save you time in practice that can be utilised better on your customers.

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