Lens Suppliers

Established in 1972 by fusion of two companies: Essel and Sillor. They are the largest optical company world wide and have some of the best known brands such as Varilux and Crizal. They are often used as a bench mark in the industry.
Formed in 1941 in Tokio by two bothers: Soichi and Shigeru Yamanaka. Hoya is well known in other fields of healthcare and information technology making it one of the largest companies working in the optical market.
Formed in Japan in 1917 by a combination of three main optical manufacturers. First specialising in high quality camera lenses and later introducing spectacle lenses in 1946. Still thought to make some of the best quality coatings including SEE-MAX.
The father of Zeiss Optical was Carl Zeiss (1918-1888), who opened his first workshop in 1846. He initially focused on microscope production, and today Zeiss has factories in Germany, USA, China and in many more countries around the world.
Although only in existence since 1972 Shamir has become one of the largest designers of lenses in the world. At first only concentrating on bifocal lenses, then quickly expanding into progressive lenses.
With over 160 years experience, specialising originally in mineral lenses. Although their headquarters are based in France they entered into the UK market into 2001 and now produce a full portfolio of indexes and designs.
A long established Japanese company with 76 years of experience, currently known as a producer of the world’s thinnest organic lens material, with and index of 1.76.
One of the best known brands in the world Seiko was established in 1881 in Japan. Although starting out in the import and sales of frames, they are now established around the world for producing their own brands of frames and lenses.

Branded Frames