DSW Optical is an independent optical laboratory that provides complete glazing services for a variety of lenses and frames, including the necessary equipment and experience in rimless glazing to ensure the highest quality finish. It’s our belief in personal service, honesty and understanding that has allowed us to gain the trust and loyalty of independent opticians across the country.

11 years of business

years of proven quality and service

At DSW Optical we recognise that we live in a busy world of corporate megaliths and faceless Internet companies where it is easy to ignore how important it is to be recognised as an individual. DSW is proud to provide a bespoke tailored service to all our customers, knowing that each pair of glasses we make is as unique as the patients that will wear them.

As director of DSW Optical I was taught that each pair of glasses should be treated as if they were being made for a good friend, if it couldn’t pass the fundamental test of would you ask them to wear it? then it isn’t good enough. I have kept this with me for over 25 years and it is now central to all we do at DSW Optical.


As an independent we realise that one of the greatest costs to your business can be time, so in an effort to save your precious time and money we are constantly looking out for adding new products to our ranges, allowing you to offer the best products to your patients. Along with the benefits of improving the service we provide by reducing the league times it can also reduce the postage costs you often pay.


Frame + Lens Packages


At DSW we also support and work with our local businesses and community

Together with our team we have sponsored toys and clothes for children in Uganda and supported the production of educational material for local schools, we have also sponsored charity organisations that supports disadvantaged and disabled children across the UK.