Quality and Care

Working with our partners we provide a personal professional service, building trust and having pride in the work we do is at the heart of our business. Introducing cutting edge technology and supporting with advice, training and support tools we hope to build a partnership that will work to enhance your patients experience and build on your businesses performance.

Coatings and Treatments

Colour tints, Hard coats and AR coats were once the only options available, now you can choose specific Driving coatings, Blue coats, Hydrophobic, Mirror coats and several more. We will provide advice on which lenses and coatings are available from multiple suppliers and brands, allowing you to give your patients the best solutions to their needs. We can also provide samples and literature for your practice to assist you in explaining the benefits to your patients.

DSW Optical Brand

Varifocal lenses have been with us for several decades, most are now produced digitally. From our budget DSW Standard design to the personalised DSW Individualised Camber, all budgets are catered for. Our Camber product incorporates Digital Ray Path® technology and combines frame fit information and a variable front surface, you can offer your patient a truly bespoke product.

Progressive Lenses

Providing the best lens performance for your patients, increases your efficiency and customer satisfaction is a keystone to all we do at DSW and nowhere is it more obvious or important than with progressive lenses. At DSW Optical we are able to provide a range of our own varifocals at very competitive prices and by working with brands such as Essilor, Hoya, Nikon, Zeiss, Seiko, Shamir and more we provide the latest innovations to you and your patients.

Being independent also allows access to independent manufacturers where we can guarantee the best fit for you and your patient.

Indoor and Lifestyle

Increasing usage of phones, tablets and computers over the past decade have provided new challenges for the glasses wearer, especially with eye fatigue. Providing lenses which bridge the gaps is providing new opportunities and benefits.

Our range of e-life, office and add boosting lens options combined with the latest innovations in coating technologies provide solutions that offer your patients a new brighter vision of the future.

Transition and Photochromics

From the benefits of UV protection to the comfort of lenses that react to lighting conditions, the latest range of Transition and Photochromic lenses offer more colours and faster reacting times than ever before. More people than ever can choose photochromics that not only work as sunglasses but can be combined with various lens options and fashion colours to match peoples life styles.

Eye Care for Children and Teens

Increased use of digital media has increased the amount of exposure to Blue light, also changes in fashion have over time increased the size of frames. All while children are as ‘careful’ as ever with looking after their glasses.

UV + Blue Coat and enhanced HMC coatings can be coupled with thinner High Index lenses to provide solutions to many of the needs of younger patients today. While toughened lenses can provide a safest solution to children who enjoy sports.

Enhanced Vision

Using the latest technologies and innovations lenses are becoming more personalised, choosing a bespoke lens such as Nikon Seemax, Hoya Lifestyle, Essilor X4D, or Zeiss Individual can provide clearer vision than ever before.

These bespoke lenses all work by reducing areas of distortion by designing each lens based on the patients measurements, prescription and the individual frame fit on the patient, allowing the performance to be greatly improved over previous generations of lenses.